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DDS contains many terms from Hinduism and Buddhism which is why I made this list. The Avatars will all be added in a seperate article otherwise it would be way too long (I have already done some short articles about them and will complete and compile them all):

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almost time for the thrift

almost time for the thrift


Des Koala
Black dude came in sniffing a stick of girls deoderant the whole time he was in here then proceeded to dump quarters and some pennies into the change machine to get nothing but change back due to the fee without saying a word

haha…… the man… he is coming

Don’t think every body don’t know what you doin when you ask for a water at fast food joint

The Flying Js - The cry of boredrem
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The fLYING Js - Me dying the sound
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Countering my power charged Gods hand crushed not only yu but my spirit as well


Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu